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What to do on a Romantic Weekend in Saint Michaels

We live right outside of Annapolis so Saint Michaels is the perfect place for a quiet romantic getaway! It’s only about an hour drive from Annapolis and even less by boat! This was our first little trip since we had our baby all by ourselves! We were suppose to go by boat but the weather had a turn so we decided it was safer to drive. Starbucks was my driving fuel!

My Driving fuel!

We stayed at the Harbor Inn Marina. It’s a really beautiful waterfront boutique hotel right near downtown Saint Michaels. They have a stunning pool, spa, and a tiny gym. They even have bikes you can use to ride around downtown! We choose to ride their one and only tandem bike! Luckily we didn’t fall!!

The Harbor Inn Marina pool
The view from our room!

Our first stop was Gina’s Cafe! They have the best nachos I’ve ever had in my life! We got their classic nachos off the menu and they are seriously DELICIOUS! I loved them so much that as soon as I got home I decided to up my homemade nacho game! Gina’s cafe also has crazy good and strong margaritas made with fresh squeezed juice!

Gina’s classic margarita!
Gina’s Cafes Classic Nachos!
My other favorite part about Gina’s Cafe is that you can sit and people watch outside while you dine!

After our snack at Gina’s we decided to walk around town! We stumbled upon the St Michaels Classic Motor Museum trying to get to the St Michaels Winery. The Motor Museum is in a beautiful barn stock full of some awesome restored cars and trucks! We ended up taking the tour and learning so much about car history! The museum is a hidden gem that I would recommend checking out!

The Dino!

After our tour we hit the St Michael’s Winery which is across the street from the Classic Motor Museum. We shared their sweet and dry wine samplers! They have a great outdoor tasting area to hang out and relax while you sample their many wines. I really liked their sparkling vidal balanc! It had a hint of citrus with some bubbles!

For our romantic dinner I booked a table at Talbot 508. It’s in an old historic building with a warm tavern vibe. They had wonderfully friendly service and delicious dinner! I had their special of the night, a miso glazed seared salmon with roasted sesame seeds. It was perfectly cooked and flavored to perfection! My husband had the local soft shell crabs and was in heaven! His soft shell crab where flash fried over a sauté of fresh cut sweet corn and green beans, with roasted fingerling potatoes in a green tomato butter.

Happy and Full after our Romantic Dinner at 208 Talbot.
Justines Ice cream parlor

Of course we had to save room for ice cream!! Justines ice cream is an old school classic ice cream parlor! I felt like we went back in time when we walked in to the parlor! I had one of my favorites…. mint chocolate chip!! and Johnathan had the cinnamon sugar churro ice cream! Both flavors were creamy and smooth! Justines is also just a short walk from Talbot 508!

Our after party!

St Michaels is a quiet town and shuts down pretty early. We ended our night with some drinks and playing Telestrations with our wonderful travel mates!

Thanks for reading my travel blog!

Thank you for reading my travel blog about St Michaels! I hope you feel inspired to travel and explore too!

St Michaels Harbor

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